I doubt he’s going to be back, even if he does, he’s probably come and gone. In any case if you do meet him tonight, just act normal. Forget what happened last night. Its not about him anyway, it’s about you. Whatever has happened has happened for your own good. His part is however completed and you got other things to think about right now. It’s time for goodbye.”


sa dinamidami ng pangit sa mundo, ikaw ang pinakapangit na nakilala ko.

nakakamiss lang yung mga panahong bukod tanging isang tao lang ang laman ng isipan mo at ng isang tao lang ang isinisigaw ng utak mo nakakainis isipin na kung anuman ang nawala wala ng panahon para muli mong ibalik at buuin ang nagkandapirapirasong pagmamahal kung bakit ba kasi nilikha at naimbento ang emosyon na yan kung bakit mo pa kasing kinakailangang maramdaman ang pagmamahal kung pepwede ka namanang mamuhay ng pamilya lang ang bukod tangi mong iniibig minsan hinihiling ko na kung me ipapakilala man sakin si PapaGod sana mauna siyang mawala saka siya bumalik saken kung sakaling hindi nya makita sa iba yung meron ako eh kaso hindi ganun yun kelangan mo munang maranasang matuwa bago maging malungkot kelangan mo munang sumaya bago lumuha.



from bianca's blog. 

i am an "i", different and apart from an "other". but i am an i that is a being-in-the-world-with-and-for-others. what makes up my being is everyone i've met, loved, hurt, and gotten hurt by in my life. a person who hurt me will teach me about pain, and will help me decide that i do not want to hurt others. a person who loved me will teach me how it is to give love, and will make me want to share love with others. a person who was kind to me will make me want to treat others with kindness. when we experience, we often think that it is an act of taking in.. but more than that, it is an act of pouring out. being open to the possibilities of this world, and the possibilities for us as beings-in-the-world. 


oo ikaw.

dahil sobra kitang mahal. :)


magpapasko na.
meron lang akong naalala.


pwede ka bang mamatay now na?!


a year ago.

october 06, 2009..

she asked me to open the window in her room. i could not open it, she wanted to see the sunlight, she wanted to see the sun shining coz she missed the world outside. she's patiently lying in her bed, i touched her toes, it was so cold and so pale. i looked at her,as if i was trying to read her mind, and then she raised her eyebrows.. she asked me why am i looking that way to her. i didn't answer. then, tears fall from my eyes.. i looked at the floor, and went to her. she told me, to stop crying coz she don't like seeing someone who is crying. i don't have any idea why i was acting like that..

hours passed. her doctor came to check her. she was so silent. she did not even answered me when i asked her if she's okey, she just nod and she thumbs up.

noon. around 12. when she asked me if where aunty elsa is, i asked her back if she wanted to talk with her, she said yes. during the call, she doesn't say anything... but she is already grasping for her breath.

at 3pm. the only thing i remembered was that she's shaking, she had already experience difficulty in breathing...

at6pm.. the doctor revived her. and i could still remember how much i tried to do my best, pumping the ambubag.

at 9pm. the doctor announced that she had expired. :(

that's still painful to remember until now..



and then there are few people who wishes for your failure. and then there are some people who might as well praying for your success. the problem is you know you "HAVE IT" you just dont have the guts to "DO IT". you never believe in the capacity of yourself but you believe in what would others say to you. neglect their negative remarks, if it's not helping you. if they wish for your jeopardy let them. slap them with your achievements. show to them that YOU HAVE IT.

now is your chance. take it. seize it. or else..

i believe you can do it yi.. you have come this far...





whenever you need me, i'll be there for you.. <3


thank you.

when you know, what you want you'll surely get it.

maswerte pa rin ako kahit papano. :)

may trabaho. may natutulugan. may kinakain. may mabait na boyfriend. may tita na supportive. hehe..

iloveyou Lord! :)


september, ihate you no more.

i found my heaven, right here with you.. thank you.. i love you..

P.S: you know who you are. muah :)

-ber month had just started. i'm expecting for a happy christmas hehe. and mama's death anniv. too is fast approaching, too bad.. i can't visit her :(.

i have been very busy lately.. and i will update you blog as soon as i'm bored. haha.. muuuah.